Vision and Mission

Vision of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty (DTSL FT UGM) is to become an institution of higher education in the field of civil engineering with international standards and produce graduates who are reliable and ethical, professional, competent, and fight for the welfare of the people.

DTSL FT UGM mission as follows.

  1. Provide education to prepare experts in the field of civil engineering who are reliable, ethical, competent, and professional.
  2. Conducting research that supports education and the advancement of science, infrastructure technology, especially at the level of planning, design, implementation, operation, and maintenance.
  3. Conducting community service by involving all elements of the academic society by empowering the contribution of stakeholders.
  4. Improve study program management that are transparent, accountable, and able to push the performance of academicians of the study program as well as cooperating on an ongoing basis with educational institutions, research institutions, governments, businesses, and people towards excellence and international standard.