Profession Development and Community Service

Profession Development and Community Service field has programs such as social service, blood donors, short course and some activities related in improving the quality of the environment such as integrated waste management and demonstrate the use of absorption wells.

Organization and Student

Organization and Student field has programs that directly related with CEED students, such as informing students about lectures or another information such as scholarships and job vacancies. Other activities from this field is an open recruitment for New Boards, Management Succession, and organizing National Seminar.

Education and Research

Education and Research field has programs such as Career Workshop, Field Lectures, Public Lectures, Field Studies, and facilitating students in joining competition.

Spirituality, Interest, and Talent

Spirituality, Interest, and Talent has programs that are related to Spiritual, Art and Sport activities, such as Pentas Aksi Sipil, the anniversary of Religious Holidays, Civil Games, coordinating athletes to compete in TEKNIKSIADE (Sport event in faculty of engineering). This field also has several sub-fields, such as Islamic Spirituality Division (SKI), Christian Spirituality Division (SKK) which all of their activities are still in coordination from The Head of Spirituality, Interest, and Talent Field. Besides SKI and SKK, Nature Lovers of CEED UGM (PALASIGMA) also established to channel student hobbies in nature adventure since 26 April 1998, after the vacuum of CIVIL SCOUT.