International Collaboration

In order to support the spirit of the World Class University, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department (CEED), Faculty of Engineering UGM is also active in the academic cooperation with international partners such as for workshops, international seminars and teaching staff visitation.

In cooperation with universities, CEED has partners with several universities in Asia, Australia and Europe. Cooperation in guest lectures and seminar aims to provide scholarly discourse in international standard to entire CEED UGM students. Furthermore, CEED also sends several students to partner universities to gain knowledge through dual degree program. Several universities partner, among them are: Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Bangkok; Lund University, Sweden; Linkoping University, Sweden; Karlstad University, Sweden; Curtin University, Australia; Birmingham University, England; Leeds University, England; Cranfield University, England; Netherlands Maritime University, Netherland; City University of London, England; and Gachon University, Korea.

Several cooperation activities of guest lectures and international seminars international cooperation in CEED UGM, among them are:

  • Lars Haglund – Karlstad University, Sweden
    Topic : Public Transportation in Sweden in the past, the present and in the future
  • ChandraBalijepalli – Institute for Transport Studies University of Leeds UK
    Topic :Symmetric and Asymmetric Interactions between Competing Cities – The Long Term Response
  • Peter Turner-Consulting Pty Ltd
    Topic : Urban Transport Strategy
  • Brendan Barrett-Hawaii University
    Topic : Disaster Management and Humanitarian Aids jointly run by United Nation University, University of Hawaii, Asian Institute of Technology, Kyoto University and GadjahMada University
  • Dr. John Andrew Black-University of Sidney
    Topic :Australian Experience in PPP (Public Private Partnership) Transport Project
  • Lars Haglund& Markus Felleson – Karlstad University
    Topic : Transportation Policy and Management in Sweden
  • Sara BjorlinLiden& Dr. Markus Fellesson – Karlstad University of Sweden
    Topic : Using Service Guarentees to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Public Transport Services
  • Jan Gehl-Swedia
    Topic : Creating a Human Quality in The City
  • NaoakiSuetsugi-JICA
    Topic : Intelligent Transport System Developed by Japanese Police