Library of the Faculty
The library is located in the south building of Administration Central Office (Auditorium) Faculty of Engineering. This library serves faculty and students every weekday. The library is equipped with a space-reference room, reading and managers. The reading room with a capacity of more than 50 seats. The library collection includes a number of 23 402 copies of the book consisting of 9834 titles, and 15,039 copies of the magazine scientific journal consists of 1,139 titles.

Kunjungan Lab Hidro Kunjungan Lab Hidro Kunjungan Lab Hidro

UGM’s Central Library
The library is located in the south building UGM and administrative center in Sekip Unit V which occupies three-story building. Available literature includes books, journals, magazines, daily and other publications, both from within and from abroad. Collection of books in the central library there are approximately 75,000 copies. Central Library serves faculty and students of UniversitasGadjah Mada and public participants who have become members. Borrowers are served every weekday. Library reading room is also equipped with a capacity of more than 340 seats.

Reference room
Reference Room (Library at the department level) is located on the 1st floor of Building II, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty. Reference Room is equipped with various types of civil engineering books, engineering and general knowledge. Reference Room is also equipped with journals, research reports, final report. Administration in the Reference room serviced with the online system. Collection of books, journals and research reports that exist in space References in 2008 was 7762 with 2,708 titles of books, 435 journals, 1967 final report / Thesis and Thesis 312 S2. approximately 70% of the 2,708 titles of books written in foreign languages and 30% were written in Indonesian. The type and availability of Reader in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering FT UGM is given in the table below.

A collection of almost all the journals written in foreign languages. In recent years, a lot of help purchase new books from the program QUE project, Grant B, Hi-Link project and other funding sources.Libraries Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty serve members and non members of the library well. To become a member, the main requirement is registered as a student, staff or faculty in Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty.

Reference chamber load time is Monday s / d Thursday at 8:00 to 16:00 Friday 8:00 to 15:00. Reference Room has a reading room are air conditioned. In addition, students can access books or journals with topics that are more diverse in the library each laboratory, library of the Faculty of Engineering, Library Graduate School of UGM, and Technical Services Unit (UPT) UGM, even to the library Study Center is a partner PS , The reference room is open to students from outside the UGM.

Kunjungan Lab Hidro Kunjungan Lab Hidro

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