Transport Laboratory


Transport Laboratory is located on the 2nd Floor of the east Civil Engineering Building. This Laboratory consists of Road Engineering Laboratory and Transport Laboratory. This laboratory is used for students and lecturers research for all degree in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Transport lab is located in the 2nd floor of east wing of CEED. It consists of road engineering lab and transportation lab and used for undergraduate to post-graduate students and academic staffs. This lab is incorporated with various government and private institution for road pavement research.

Road engineering lab is provided with equipment to support various test, such as Marshall test, length gauge, surface texture depth, permeability test, frictional surface, CBR test, Los Angeles test, speedy moisture, shrinkage limit, Hubbard field test, core drill, etc.

Transportation lab is provided with various equipment, such as Automatic Counter TDC-8 with data processor, speed gun, Piezo Electric Axle Sensor, GPS 48 Personal Navigator, audio visual equipment, and communication equipment.

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The equipment and its functions is described in the following table.

No. Name Function Brand/Series
  1. Automatic Enumerator DB100 and DB 400
  2. Computer for data dumping
  3. PETRA (Professional Engineers Traffic Reporting and Analysis) software




  • Traffic pattern
  • Traffic volume
  • Vehicle composition in traffic
  • Headways
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  1. Automatic Counter TDC-8
  2. Speed gun
  3. PETRA (Professional Engineers Traffic Reporting and Analysis) software


  • Determining average speed of road section in a location
  • Determining speed range in a location
  • Determining maximum speed in a location
  • Correlating speed and seriousness of traffic accident
  • Determining the effectivity of traffic management plan in controlling traffic flow
Jamar Tech.
  1.  Automatic Counter TDC-8
  2. PETRA (Professional Engineers Traffic Reporting and Analysis) software


Understanding the time interval between vehicles in sequence

Jamar Tech.
  1. Automatic Counter TDC-8
  2. Video recorder
  3. PETRA (Professional Engineers Traffic Reporting and Analysis) software


Evaluating a road section or network based on travel speed in a road section by identifying the surfaced problem

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2.1. Rock (Aggregate) Physical Properties Test

No. Name Function
1. Absorption and Specific Gravity Test Equipment Determining bulk, saturated surface dry (SSD), and apparent specific gravity of coarse aggregate
2. Aggregate sieves Determining granule division (gradation) of fine and coarse aggregate
3. Los Angeles Machine Determining coarse aggregate resistance to abrasion
4. Sand Equivalent Test Equipment Determining the content of dust/clay-like material in fine aggregate (sand)
5. Soundness Test Equipment Determining aggregate resistance to weather condition


2.2. Aggregate Mix Characteristics Test

No. Name Function
1. Marshall Test Equipment Determining stability, plastic yield (flow), and Marshall Quotient
2. Calliper, standard scales, and soaking tub ·         Determining number of voids in mix and voids filled with asphalt
3. Cohesiometer Determining mix cohesion number
4. Permeability Test of Mix Equipment Determining permeability coefficient of the mix
5. HVEEM – Stabilizer Determining the stability of the mix with asphalt binder or clay
6. Mix Extraction Test Equipment Controlling the proportion of compacted mix
7. Core Drill Equipment Taking samples in field for mix compaction test
8. Three Wheel Roller Compacting the mix in field in 1:1 scale
9. Electric Automatic Compactor Compacting the aggregate and asphalt mix in lab


2.3. Subgrade Characteristics Test

No. Name Function
1. Lab CBR Test Determining lab CBR value
2. Field CBR Test Determining field CBR value
3. Sand Cone Determining standard density
4. Speedy Tester Determining optimum water content of compacted subgrade in field
5. Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Determining field CBR value
6. Lab Standard Density Test Equipment Determining standard density
7. Solid Weight Test Equipment Determining correlation of water content and soil density


2.4. Asphalt Physical Properties Test

No Name Function
1. Penetrometer Measuring asphalt penetration number
2. Asphalt Softening Point Test Equipment Determining asphalt softening point
3. Cleveland Open Cup Measuring asphalt flash point and burning point
4. Weight Loss Test of Oil and Asphalt Measuring the weight loss of oil and asphalt
5. Bitumen Solubility in Carbon Test Equipment Measuring dissolved bitumen content in carbon tetrachloride or carbon bisulfide
6. Bitumen Ductility Test Equipment Measuring the ductility of bitumen materials
7. Pycnometer Measuring hard bitumen specific gravity
8. Viscometer Measuring asphalt kinematic viscosity
9. Liquid Asphalt Distillation Equipment Distilling substances with different boiling points contained in the liquid
10. Water Content from Crude Oil and Other Products Test Equipment Determining water content in crude oil and other products