Vempi Satriya Adi Hendrawan

1. NAME:

Vempi Satriya Adi Hendrawan, Ph.D.


Degree Discipline Institution Year
Ph.D. Water Resources System Science Tohoku University, Japan 2022
M.Env. Water Resources System Science Tohoku University, Japan 2019
S.T. Civil and Environmental Engineeringivil Engineering Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia 2016



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Hendrawan, V. S. A. and Komori, D., 2021. Developing flood vulnerability curve for rice crop using remote sensing and hydrodynamic modeling. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 54(August 2020), p. 102058. doi: 10.1016/j.ijdrr.2021.102058.

Komori, D., Hendrawan, V.S.A., Ichiba, A., Yamada, K. And Goda, A., 2022. Mechanism of rainfall inundation caused by the 2019 typhoon Hagibis in Iwate prefecture coastal zone, Japan. Journal of JSCE, 10(1), pp.195-205. doi: 10.2208/jscejhe.76.1_264.

Sediqi, M.N., Hendrawan, V.S.A. and Komori, D., 2022. Climate projections over different climatic regions of Afghanistan under shared socioeconomic scenarios. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, pp.1-14. doi: 10.1007/s00704-022-04063-y.

Hendrawan, V. S. A. and Komori, D., 2022. Crop Yield Response To Meteorological Drought Over Asian Monsoon Region During the Last Decades, AOGS 2021, pp. 153–155. doi: 10.1142/9789811260100_0052.

Hendrawan, V.S.A., Kim, W. and Komori, D., 2021, December. Crop response pattern to several drought timescales and its possible determinants: a global-scale analysis during the last decades. In AGU Fall Meeting 2021. AGU.