Master in Engineering in Natural Disaster Management


Indonesia is an archipelagic state with vast territory which located between some tectonics plate, that naturally makes Indonesia very vulnerable to natural disasters, like earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activities, floods, droughts, landslides, lava flows, flash floods, also rainstorms or tornadoes. Other than that, as a country with tropic climate at equator line, Indonesia has high rainfall percentage which its function can be developed in fulfilling water needs in various sectors, mainly to support foods sustainability through irrigation management, domestic water, industry and environmental control. However the extreme characteristic of water also causing a lot of destructive forces which has to be controlled so that the negative impact inflicted could be minimalized. Moreover with rapid growth of human population around the vulnerable area, this issues need to be handled with full attention.

MTPBA UGM has arranged post-graduate study program to contrive professional and reliable human resources mastered in engineering natural disasters management, who expertise in making analysis, evaluation, and synthesis based on engineering knowledge in managing natural disasters activities before, the emergency response phase, or rehabilitation and reconstruction, mainly counter-measures in physical technic befitting with the reference or provision in Indonesia National Qualification Structures which already stated in Presidential Decree No. 8 2012.


To become an International standard Post-Graduate Study Program which able to deliver people who have academic abilities and profession to apply and develop knowledges and natural disasters management technologies.


MTPBA Study Program of Engineering Faculty Gadjah Mada Univesity carries missions to :

  1. To became a reference forhigh education institution at Asia in natural disasters management engineering educations and researches.
  2. Actively taking part in international and domestic cooperation in order to carry out natural disasters management educations and researches.
  3. Taking part and contributing in national development related to natural disasters management engineering.
  4. Carrying out magister educations which able to generate competent experts in natural disasters management enginnering.


Dr. Adam Pamudji Rahardjo


  1. Adam Pamudji Rahardjo, Ph.D.
  2. Ahmad Rifa’i, Ph.D.
  3. Djoko Legono, Prof. Ph.D.
  4. Fatchan Nurrochmad, Prof. Dr.
  5. Iman Satyarno, Prof. Ph.D.
  6. Istiarto, Ph.D.
  7. Bambang Agus Kironoto, Prof. Dr.
  8. Bambang Triatmodjo, Prof. Dr.
  9. Bambang Yulistiyanto, Prof. Dr.
  10. Budi Wignyosukarto, Prof. Dr.
  11. Djoko Luknanto, Ph.D.
  12. Henricus Priyosulistyo, Prof. Ph.D.
  13. Joko Sujono, Prof. Dr.
  14. Nizam, Prof. Ph.D.
  15. Nur Yuwono, Prof. Ph.D.
  16. Rachmad Jayadi, Dr.
  17. Radianta Triatmadja, Prof. Ph.D.
  18. Sri Harto, Prof. (ret) Dr.
  19. Teuku Faisal Fathani, Dr.
  20. Agung Harijoko, Dr.
  21. Dwikorita Karnawati, Prof. Ph.D.
  22. Subagyo Pramumijoyo, Prof. Dr.
  23. Sugeng Wiyono, M.Sc.
  24. Wahyu Wilopo, Dr.
  25. Trias Aditya Kurniawan, Dr.
  26. Achmad Djunaedi, Prof. Ph.D.