Doctor in Civil Engineering


The development of knowledges and technologies in civil engineering field has undergo rapid improvement in the few decades. These improvement has to be balanced with the efforts to improve human resources qualities which have equal competitiveness with other countries.

Civil Engineering Doctorate Degree Study Program, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada University wants to give lots of contributions in preparing and generating doctorate in four scholarly concentration; structures engineering, water resources engineering, geotechnical, and transportational through high qualified researches, conception of environments and able to develop also apllying knowledge that they have to solve issues that could help society, whether in national scale or international society in order to support realizing UGM as high education institution with international qualified researches. (World Class Research University)


Civil Engineering Doctorate Degree Study Program intend to generate open minded doctorates in civil engineering expertise towards country issues, able to give contributions befitting their experiences, able to use their knowledge in order to solves societies issues through continuous researches, and able to interdisciplinary cooperate in domestic or even international societies.


 The vision of civil engineering doctorate degree study program engineering faculty UGM (2012-2017) is to became a leading world class doctorate degree study program in Indonesia, which able to bring forth superior civil engineering doctorate, mastered knowledge philosophy and able to develop knowledges and technologies, have high moral standards, dignified, and imbued with the soul of Pancasila in order to dedicate towards the importance of society and humanity.

The mission of Study Program (2012-2017) is:

Civil Engineering Doctorate Degree Study Program, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering UGM carries mission such as:

  1. Performing doctorate education to generate expert graduates and able to compete in the global era, and able to anticipate development, future needs, dedicated to the societies and humanities importance.
  2. Extend superior research which leads to graduates qualities who able to solve societies issues in order to actualize nation’s prosperity and lift local’s supremacy to world class, also able to spread it through domestic and international publication.
  3. Extend dedication activities towards societies through continuous programs with involving all academics staff components to actualize campus as societies’ reference to change also as science and technologies innovation applicative vehicle.
  4. To tie international cooperation with other education institution, research center and prominent industry in the world in order to improves educative execution qualities.



Prof. Ir. Iman Satyarno, M.E., Ph.D.