Student Organization

All activities of undergraduate students are under Keluarga Mahasiswa Teknik Sipil (KMTS), a student organization of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of Universitas Gadjah Mada as a forum for student self-development both academically and non-academically. The forum upholds high the professionalism with the kinship from, by, and for all elements of CEED UGM.

BPTS (Badan Penerbit Teknik Sipil/Civil Engineering Publishing Agency)
BPTS is one of Semi-Autonomous Body (BSO) under KMTS that engaged in publishing and marketing of civil engineering books. BPTS has a goal to help students at the CEED UGM in the supply of civil engineering course material and student training and ability development in writing scientific papers.

KESMA (Kesejahteraan Mahasiswa/Student Welfare)
KESMA is one of the Semi-Autonomous Body (BSO) that engaged in pure trading business. Civil engineering world requires management and financial efficiency ability. Entrepreneurship, management and marketing spirit will grow with KESMA and it will help students to participate in employment.

Clapeyron is a student press agency. The main product of Clapeyron is the magazine in civil engineering theme and presented in scientific form. The magazine is published twice a year. Official website:

PKTS (Pelayanan Komputer Teknik Sipil/Civil Engineering Computer Service)
Semi-Autonomous Body (BSO), which has activities such as organizing AutoCAD and SAP2000 courses for student of CEED UGM, workshop/short course about civil engineering software, civil engineering software sales, computer services and most recently held JOCEX (Jogja Computer Expo) computer exhibition in collaboration with BPTS.

KATS (Korps Asisten Teknik Sipil/Civil Engineering Assistant Corps)

KATS is an organization for all assignment, practicum, and tutorial assistants of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of UGM. It established independently under the coordination of The Assistant of Department Manager in academic year 2004/2005, which after it was under Coordinator Lecturer of KATS. Starting from academic year 2004/2005, KATS is coordinated by a chief who is voted and elected from and by KATS member (all CEED UGM assistants). During its journey history, KATS secretariat has been moved to two places. At the beginning, KATS was located in the east-south room of Building Material Lab (1st floor), then in academic year 2008/2009, it has a new room in the eastern of KMTS building complex (ex CEED canteen) until now.