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The Civil and Environtmental Departemen, Faculty of Engineering, UGM (CEED-FoE-UGM) is currently one of the best departments in civil engineering in Indonesia, both in terms of academics and research. From the academic aspect, all study programs under CEEDFoE-UGM have an excellent accreditation (A), and the undergraduate program of Civil Engineering has received international accreditation by ABET, IABEE, and AUN. These achievements show that the quality of the learning process carried out at the CEED-FoE-UGM is comparable with those held by overseas universities and the graduates produced have adequate competences comparable with those of other universities accredited by the same accreditation institution. In terms of the research aspect, 18 research activities were supported by international funding since 2022. As well as that, around 16 research products from the CEED-FoE-UGM are managed to gain patents. This would show that the CEED-FoE-UGM consists of high-quality faculty members who have gained the credence to utilize research funds and compete at the international level


Intake #1

Application Submission: 23 January-21 February 2024
Test: 29 February-3 March 2024
Notification: 6 March 2024


Admission for Indonesian students:

Intake #2

Application Submission: 3 April-6 May 2024
Test: 14-17 May 2024
Notification: 22 May 2024

Intake #3

Application Submission: 19 June-10 July 2024
Test: 13-16 July 2024
Notification: 18 July 2024

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